Bridal Fashion: The Hindu Bride

A traditional Hindi / Gujarati bride follows the principles and traditions of Solah Shringar – the 16 adornments of a Hindu bride which includes everything from the sindoor at the top of the bride’s hairline down to the bichus (toe rings)  on her toes, is the traditional set of 16 pieces every Hindu bride must wear. Brides often pick and choose from the prescribed set, but you’re definitely going to see her wearing bridal mehndi, haar (necklaces), karn phool (earrings), and choordiyan (bangles).

Besides the Solah Shringar, Hindu brides’ traditional garments will vary significantly by the region of India a bride’s family hails from. In the North, brides generally wear lehengas – a dress that features a short blouse, which can either end at the waist or slightly higher, and a long A-line (or sometimes mermaid-shaped) skirt.


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