Bridal Fashion: Tamil / Telegu Bride

Tamil & Telegu Brides are the true depiction of opulence and radiance, dressed in rich Kanjeevaram silks coupled with traditional gold jewellery and fresh flowers woven into their hair. Tamil & Telegu brides wear a 9 yard Kanjeevaram Silk sari in shades a green and red embellished with elaborate gold zari borders and buta work. They are usually seen decked in stunning pieces of ancestral temple jewellery.

Brides wear unique jewellery around their waist and in their hair. They usually braid their hair and then don an intricate piece of jewellery called the Jadai Nagam, which holds the braid in place and is supposed to depict a cobra. Jadai Nagam is a symbol of wealth, sexuality and fertility. Many brides opt for a modern, contemporary look for their big day – but we can’t help but love the simplicity, grace and beauty of a traditional Tamil & Telegu bride.

Jewellery featured: Tanishq.



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